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    Ok so the xbox arrived today and we thought there was a 1 month free trial, but we can't seem to find the code. the booklet said that once you signed up you should be able to get a free trial but it asks me for free silver or gold monthly £4.99 etc.. where is the free trial?!


    Nothing comes in the box... simply sign up on your xbox, and choose a silver account. It will try and get you to sign up for gold, saying how much it is, etc., but if you stick with silver, eventually it tells you you are entitled to a month of gold for free anyway!

    If you sign up for silver it gives you gold free
    for a month If i remember, this is free..........

    when i did my sons , i think you sign up to the silver package , and they will give you the code for the first month when you connect , may be wrong but someone will be along in a mo if wrong

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    its been on since about 10am and still no sign of xbox live? the gf is dying to get online does this mean i need to fork out for xbox live

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    btw it is connected to the internet

    For the premium which was the top level xbox a while back (elite now I think) you create a silver account then sign into live. At some point during the setting up (at the end I think) it should offer you the option of upgrading to gold for one month.

    You actually get to do this for three new silver accounts so it is in essence three one month free gold trials. All account creation must be done on the Xbox not on a PC for it to work.

    This was how I did it on my first console and i'm not sure if it's changed now.

    Yep just sign up for Silver and at some point it adds or gives you the free 1 month trial

    As soon as you sign up it will give you the month of gold free. This gives you time to buy a gold card from a shop if you don't want to put your credit card details on the system.


    yes, just sign up to xbox live silver, then about a day and a bit, ull get an email, then ur account is activated, otherwise scavenge a 48 trial code off someone until u get it

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    thanks for the help everybody! is card details on the xbox a wise choice or would buying a code from a shop be a safer bet? also can u delete xbox live tags? completely i mean

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    i didn't want to make a new thread but has anyone ever bought from game seek? i bought a headset last friday and i havent got an email, and its not in my history, even tho the have taken the payment they have run off with it without even acknowledging my order!!

    I had a torrid time trying to get Xbox support to delete my credit card details off the system when i sold my first xbox. I now just use codes.


    thanks for the help everybody! is card details on the xbox a wise choice … thanks for the help everybody! is card details on the xbox a wise choice or would buying a code from a shop be a safer bet? also can u delete xbox live tags? completely i mean

    NEVER and I mean NEVER put your card details into your 360. My cousin bought a 1 month gold on my 360 just to have a try, and didn't realise they continue to charge month after month for almost a year. To get a card removed you have to phone up xbox support and get it removed rather than on the console itself.

    Rather than go through the process he just reported his card as stolen and got another with a different number so they couldn't take money anymore.

    You can buy live prepay cards cheaper anyway.

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    omg, why do they have to make things so difficult!!


    seems you have your answer now but just to confirm my own UK experience in January 08...

    The XBox Live Gold setup isn't very clear. I too went through the entire box looking for a redeem code/voucher as the MSoft website and other bumph do keep banging on about these. I phoned Game and they put me straight. Even then, the free 1 month trial wasn't smooth. I signed up for a Silver account FIRST as suggested on the Microsoft web site and all references to a free month then disappeared from my gamertag/login on the 360 with no gold access at all and no on-screen help. I went back to Game - they couldn't help but gave me a contact for Microsoft - I emailed this and had an automated response at which point I gave up frankly.

    Two days later my son came running down and said "Dad - we're on" and everything was working fine with full Gold Access on both new accounts. Now I don't know if this was due to my email to MSoft, calls to Game or just the Silver membership/Free trial taking 48 hrs to kick in but in any event its an utterly flawed and poor procedure when you have just paid £300 for a new console with GOLD FREE TRIAL INCLUDED all over the box. What if it had been Christmas day!!

    You would think that with the millions of dollars of revenue made and development plowed into the 360, that Microsoft would have taken the time to make the user experience smooth and seamless. Obviously, just like their computer operating systems, this doesn't hold much interest for them. My already woeful opinion of MSoft has not improved - they seem to complicate things deliberately when there is absolutely no need for this.

    In terms of the credit card aspect I agree completely with the other comments - DO NOT INPUT YOUR CREDIT CARD to XBox Live. Apart from Microsoft's renowned eagerness to debit your card at any opportunity (and don't forget your kids may be encouraged to do this online without you) there have been several reports I've seen in forums of account fraud and hijacking - where experienced users with high scores and profiles on XBox Live are targeted both for their gamertags and credit card details.

    Also be aware that there are people selling Live memberships and Microsoft Points (used to pay for extra content through the XBox) through eBay etc and many of these are either conditional or outright fraud. For example a North American Live Membership will NOT renew a UK account although you may be able to set up a new account on a UK Xbox using a valid U.S. address (if you have a relative over there for example).

    XBox live is fantastic but frankly I'd stick to buying points and LIVE renewals locally from a named brand store like Game - you might pay a touch more but at least you know it will work and you have some comeback with the store if you have a problem.


    I got my Xbox 360 Elite just a couple of weeks ago and also assumed there would be a voucher for the one month's free gold trial so spent a while looking for it. I then noticed the Xbox Live leaflet and actually bothered to read it properly (I'm a bloke - we don't read the instructions first!) and it clearly said sign up for a silver membership and you will get a month's gold membership applied automatically ..... and I did.

    I have since gone on to buy both a 12 month's gold membership and 4200 live points from different eBay sellers for great bargain prices and had absolutely no problems with either of them - I just used my common sense and checked to see if the sellers already had feedback for the same items bought by other buyers .... they did and the feedback was excellent so I had no worries in buying them.

    As for putting credit card details into the Xbox, I have added mine (just for buying points) and had no problems so far. Even if I did, I would just report it to the bank and get it sorted that way.

    I don't blame people being cautious at times but you can be a little too cautious at times .... and it ends up costing a lot more because of that. It's just about enabling your common sense rather than fear.
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