xbox game help!!

my other half has xbox does he need to flash it before he can play copied games plus what discs do i need to copy them and can he play them on xbox live ???

thanks in advance rep given for help

sorry if this been asked before couldnt find it


Play a copied game on xbox live and you risk getting the console banned.

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ok thanks i thought that just wasnt sure

When you say xbox do you mean xbox 360 or xbox original?

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xbox 360


xbox 360

Then he needs to flash with stealth firmware (ixtreme 1.5+). Haven't dabbled in 360 modding for a while (make that 2 months) so am a little rusty. You can play on Live if it/the iso's are stealthed but there is no guarantee you won't get banned eventually, and when that happens there's no way of getting unbanned as your 360's MAC address will be banned on MS's end. You'll never be able to get online via that Xbox, so if you wanna play online 100% safely you'll want to use originals.


As above, you need to flash the console with teh latest etxreme firmware, you can then download xbox 360 games from torrents (which take ages) or Newsreader sites such as Usenet (whcih are much faster). Once you downloaded your game, you burn the .dvd file to a dual layer. Most games come pre-stealthed although you can checked using a program calledf Mulleter i think
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