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Posted 12th Apr
I have been offered £1 ultimate for 1 month.
I don’t currently have gold or game pass, if I was to purchase 12 months gold, then get the £1 offer would I end up with 13 months ultimate?
I did this last year, and it worked then, but not sure if that’s still the case.
Thanks in advance.
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I think you can only benefit from this once, however I hope I’m wrong as I could do with topping my account up.
Thanks for the reply.
I hope so too, but read on reddit that they convert 12 months gold to 4 months ultimate.
Other people were saying this is only if you add gold after the ultimate offer.
I am confused about the situation.
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Yes I think what would happen is if you have already benefited from this previously then redeeming a 12 month gold then accepting the ultimate offer would end you up with something like 4 months ultimate. I’m sure someone else here may know a little more about how it works etc.
As long as you add the 12 month gold subscription first then take up the £1 offer you will get 12/13 months of ultimate even if you have redeemed it before. I did mine the other day having taken up the offer before.
I got 2 x 12 month Brazilian Xbox live codes from CDkeys, applied with a VPN and then paid £1 to convert the full length to Ultimate. Ended up with 25 months Ultimate.
Thanks for the help.
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