Posted 6th Aug 2022
I had a game pass ultimate subscription with about 2 years left to run which was pre paid. I have recently upgraded my broadband with BT and was given 12 months gp ultimate free. I signed up for this offer not realising that the BT would then take over management of my subscription and it now shows that it expires in a year.

Has anyone got experience of this and have I lost me original subscription?

I assumed that the 12 months would just add onto the end of my existing ultimate
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    Yes they have your account, like they have mine, luckily I've never spent that much on it, I own most of my games physically, but yeh it's a right flanker, if BT are involved in anything, there are strings,,, it might get sorted, they say it's a bug but I don't believe them, it's in the t and Cs somewhere.
    Have you lost a lot? I guess you haven't lost it, but you won't be able to enter codes, like cheap game pass keys from third party sites..
    I've decided to set up a new account, only had mine sine 2018,but feel for people with alot to loose,, any cheap games I buy from the sites go on that from now on, just in case it never gets sorted.
    My game pass runs out 2023 on the BT one but I hardly play on that.... Some I've seen have all there games bought full price,,, BT are a disgrace, all they had to do was use a code, something has gone on, have Ms sold the subs to BT? .... Seems so odd, Who knows.
    Let us know how you get on....and what's happened.
    You might have to read up, but I think they add it monthly, so your sub keeps increasing, how that works, who knows, it has to be hard with BT. (edited)
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    I got this response from the Microsoft forums

    This is interesting, as I wouldn't have thought the current subscription you have would just disappear. However, according to their ToU here: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT ts and cs

    4. Once you have activated the service the Xbox Add-On will be added to your account. If you already have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate direct from Microsoft, it will automatically be updated to the Xbox Add-On on your next renewal date and added to your BT account.

    --Taken from the BT ToU: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT ts and cs

    Point 4 says that it should update to the BT add-on on the next renewal date. So, I am wondering if you had two years' worth of monthly memberships or were they year memberships for Game Pass?

    6. Xbox Add-On If you had an Xbox Games Pass direct from Microsoft and had accrued passes prior to taking the Xbox Add-On from BT, the accrued passes may still be available so you can access the services.

    --Taken from the BT ToU: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT ts and cs

    With point 5. It says that if you cancel the add-in. Point 6, quoted above, refers to how you may be able to access the rolling membership you have previously had. However, this is not guaranteed. When you log into your Microsoft subscriptions page, do you see your Game Pass subscription?

    You can access subscriptions here: Microsoft account | Services & subscriptions
    If you goto the BT own forums, what the mods are saying, there is a bug, when the your free GP ends, it's not reversing back to MS,BT are keeping hold of the subscription, I personally think that's extremely worrying and underhand, this has been going on for months, I think most would do away with the free GP freebie and get it back to MS...... BT have known about this for months and months and done nothing about it,and that comes from BTs own forums.. I personally think they've known all along and intended to keep people's subscription on presumption that subscribers wouldn't be bothered. (edited)
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    You get total control of your GPU subscription back when your BT freebie expires and then whatever sub you had before that kicks back in from what I've seen on various forums.

    I actually got on the phone to MS earlier today as my free 6 months from BT expire on September 10 and I deactivated the auto renewal on 'My BT' this morning.

    The fella I spoke to assured me that I'm good till February next year which is left over from what I had pre BT freebie and the moment that that sub expires I'd then regain complete control of it by default because MS want me to extend my membership.

    Sorry it's a bit long and convoluted but hopefully it's reassured you that you'll be fine. (edited)
    Well till it happens I would take it with a pinch of salt, previous takers still haven't had there accounts pass back, so cynical me, just blagging you, and considering its BTs problem not Ms, there just telling you what you want to hear....they will have all the yap, believe me, all sounds legit, that's not what's happening...Jackanory haven't a look in.... Hope I'm wrong.. (edited)
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    @Hopeitscheaper on the app it shows when my sub elapses with MS in February rather than with BT next month so I won't even bother doing anything till the 5th of Feb next year.

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    "there is no documented evidence, would they tell you,"

    I meant proof from the people making these claims because although BT are a big firm they're rather small fry when compared to Microsoft. Hence I find it extremely far fetched that MS are needing to sell a load of their own user accounts to a third party for a half a pint of Carling and a bag of dry roasted down at The Red Lion, not to mention doing it in such an underhanded way would seriously breach data laws the world over too.

    If these allegations are even remotely true someone would have seen evidence of them and thus they'd have be all over the interwebs with documentation to back them up, I'm sorry but that proper sounds like David Icke has let his Reptilians loose on social media again
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