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Found 31st Jan
Good evening y'all

I'm buying a couple of games soon and was thinking of getting them digitally so I could game share, I read something on here about not being able to gameshare first party titles (unless I misunderstood it)

Are there some titles you CAN'T gameshare, or can you share them all?

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Found this for you dex, don't know if it's what you're looking for

Never come across that one before bud, so I'm going to say it's not true.

I game share just under 300 titles and the only issue I've ever experienced is the Gold Edition content for the TESO as its tied to the redeemers Bethesda account as opposed to Microsoft account.
Yip, I also gameshare and never came across any games that do not work. Go for it!
Thanks everyone
Have just shy of 550 games which me and my mate gameshare.

Its always best if you both have an income so one isn't the scrounger! We grab pretty much every big new title
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