Xbox gets destroyed! I mean proper destroyed!

    He doesn't even seem that angry that his xbox broke down!…ded


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    Edited by: "Kirajai" 5th Apr 2011

    If ww3 starts, Im on his side.

    mind you, i feel like that with the ps3, its not broken or anything, but if i have a spare hour to play a game now and then, i put the disk in annnnnnddddddd.........UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE FFS!!!!! 20mins later = ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH BANG BANG BANG!!!!

    carry on

    Trick Shot was awesome

    would hate to have him as a enemy

    I've never been especially in favour of civilians owning firearms, but I am now! X)

    this is the only possible reason i would ever condone owning a gun........what a nice chap!


    if anyone has posted a comment on that video did theirs need approving ?

    he's got some big guns to play with !!!! as always have nice day, lol.
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