Xbox GPU: Action Needed on Billing Address?

Posted 11th Nov 2020
So, I’m one of those people who jumps between each region on the Xbox store to buy cheaper games like quite a few people on here, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting these random emails from Microsoft 365 team asking me to ‘update my billing address so I can be taxed’ properly in relation to my Game Pass Ultimate subscription - I have redeemed 3 years of Brazil 12 months gold and then redeemed a global Game Pass Ultimate to get 3 years of GPU so I’m wondering if this has triggered something on their end?

This is a copy of fhe email i keep getting and despite having a look at all of my subscriptions (I did cancel the recurring billing) everything seems in order. Before I go to Microsoft to get it sorted via an online chat function (and risk them noticing all the dodgy stuff I’ve been doing for years) has anybody encountered these emails and if so, how did you fix it?
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