Xbox help needed

    My Xbox is/was soft modded with Unleash X as the alternate dashboard (ie, had to use eject to load it).

    Anyway ... my son has been playing Sonic and Tiger Woods today. When I later went to boot into Unleash X I'm getting a dreaded Error 21 (Call Support) and the button light is flashing red/green.

    So I thought I'd FTP to check it ... except I can't even boot into the M$ dashboard either!?

    All retail games still load fine, I just cannot access any dashboards.

    I think he saved some new games when playing Sonic/Tiger Woods, but I don't see how this has fooked the soft mod.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Bare in mind I got this Xbox pre-modded and don't have any of the "special" games required to start over.

    Will downloading and doing something using SoftMod installer deluxe help?

    I only really want a dash to use XBMC ... so Im not bothered whether or not I have both the M$ and Unleash dashboards installed again .. just something that will load XBMC will do.


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    Or can I use this…uxe

    and format the HDD & start over just installing the above. This states "This Disc will only install two dashboards, being the Retail Xbox Dashboard, and XBMC. " Does this mean I don't need the softmod game saves, etc.


    Sounds like a game he loaded asked to update the dash and he clicked yes

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    Try boot something like the aid disk and install a modded dashboard, if … Try boot something like the aid disk and install a modded dashboard, if you can boot off the disk then your mod is intact, if it can't boot it then you need to hotswap it (which I don't recomment), or get the games and saves you need.

    Is it worth trying to boot this then:…uxe

    And then install XBMC on its own? Don't want to ****** any files which are already on there, so not sure what to install and where :-s

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    Also - which dashboard has he updated? the MS one?

    I will ask a question of my own if OP doesnt mind.

    I have XBMC and various skins on mine but though the partition is 74.9 it seems to say its full with about 10-15 gigs worth of data on it any ideas why?

    Question 2 is I want to FTP back to my pc the contents of the drive where the avis and games are on my hd so I can wipe it, update XBMC, install latest emulators and also delete the dozens of doubled up games i.e the europe version and the japanese versions and various games I dont like then FTP back the rest.

    I cannot do this, I have tried different cables so not sure if I am getting mixed up between crossover and ethernet but only 1 worked and even that is tempermental and requires wiggling and even then only works on my laptop and not my desktop.

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    Juse use … Juse use this: try re-install unleashx.

    OK. I burnt the above to a DVD, stuck it in the drive, turned off and back on.
    And its just going to the same error screen, error code 21.

    Does this mean its screwed? :-(

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    Oh well, thanks anyways.
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