Xbox help - new 250gb console issues...


    I have recently bought the new 250gb console with the built in wireless; however i am having trouble picking up signal. The signal strength seems to fluctuate a lot, which obviously creates lag while playing, and when streaming on sky player causes the programme to buffer. And this is when my xbox is 'being good'.

    The majority of the time it doesn't even pick up the wireless, despite the fact my laptop and iphone both have excellent signal strength when in the same vicinity as my xbox.

    I was wondering if anybody else has similar issues, or any ideas on how to rectify the issue?



    or any ideas on how to rectify the issue?

    Wait for it...

    check your dsl stats in router/ move any wirleess phones away from router/ microwave/ logitech z5450 speaker system video senders etc.

    change channel/ use WEP/ and G instead of N (even though N is supposed to give s stronger reception/signal etc) change from 20mhz to 40mhz & vice versa whilst using N and WPA in router and look at options for wireless in 360 (I use a wired connection on all my 360's (the older wireless free ones)…728…877…tml

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    should have got a PS3

    hope i didn't dissapoint.

    Should of gone to specsavers?


    should have got a PS3 :phope i didn't dissapoint.

    he already has trouble getting a good signal on his 360. Theres no hope for the ps3 getting one lol.

    Original Poster

    cheers for the help, will look into this!
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