xbox help...go on HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK son has a 20 gb piddly 360 and i got him the WX 250 gb one for xmas...all wrapped and ready to go!!!!!!!!!just realised he will need to transfer all the things he has on his current one things he has bought with points do i do that?i know xbox are giving away a cable thing "while they last"...for which i need the serial number off both consoles(inclujding the wrapped one) there a cable i can just buy to save the hassle of unwrapping/sending form/waiting ...then being told they are all out of them???


    try ebay, they are selling them for a fiver.

    Ebay Number: 320440721756

    Either that, or buy a memory card and do the manual copy and paste methood, its not fun tho.

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    thanks for that will go with ebay..x

    Mind the disk that comes with it might not work with the 250gb drive.

    Just checked the ebay link and I see it allows you to dload to a pc then transfer the data back to the new 250gb drive.
    The original xbox transfer kit comes with a lead to do it via your xbox and a mini cd that goes into the xbox drive and has to be compatible with the hard drives you are transferring.
    Ebay kit is a much better idea. :thumbsup:

    For the stuff he has bought, are linked to his XBOX live account therefore on a different console, he can just redownload then once he has recovered his account on the new console, for his game saves he will have to either get a transfere cable from xbox or buy a little XBOX memory stick and just transfere the saves over

    The cable is best option if you ask me.
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