i pre ordered the xbox kinnect from game a while back. but now due to my self inflicted financial situation, i wont be able to afford it on the release date.

    ive already paid a £10 deposit so if any 1 wants it, you can transfer the remaining amount + postage to my account and i will buy it and hapily post it to you on the release date.

    i thought there was no point in just losing my deposit so im offering it out to any1 who wants it. to be fair, first to reply in confirmation will get it. i will reply to this post at about 11 am / 12pm today (saturday)



    So you are selling a Kinnect...on the misc.....not allowed dude.

    oh and you can't move it to FS/FT because you can't sell something you haven't got.
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    As they only want postage essentially would it not qualify for misc?

    You need to change your user name.


    As they only want postage essentially would it not qualify for misc?

    Plus the other £120 for the Kinect as well as the P&P


    An eloquent review of XBOX KINECT

    Heheheeee... what a goon. Watched about 30 seconds of almost undecipherable apology, for what, th:is cretin only knows


    RichKid10123 - you are asking for money off another member to pay the remaining outstanding balance and would then send them the item thereby buying it on their behalf in the misc forum. This breaches a number of rules unfortunately so thread closed - if you wish to cancel your order then do so, if you wish to pay for the item then sell in fs/t once in hand thats okay but this thread is being locked now.
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