xbox kinect on a moded xbox 360

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Found 10th Nov 2010
Can you use xbox kinect on a moded xbox 360?
As you can't update the moded Xbox.


Yes you can, you can also update an xbox offline by downloading the update from and install it from USB or CD.…spx
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...yes you can

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i meant yes you can update a flashed xbox

If you mean modded, as in your DVD drive is flashed, then be careful.

As above, yes you can update the dashboard to 'kinect', but once you do this adds a new protection check, ap2.5
So then any games that have this check, (new games like Fable 3 and I believe Kinect games), they will fail to load on the 'kinect' dash. Unless you have a Samsung drive in your Xbox, as this can't perform ap2.5 checks (and some older hitachi drives).
So as it stands you may need to wait for a new firmware to flash your drive before it will work with Kinect games.

Only Fable III and Family Game Night 3 have AP2.5 activated. All Kinect games work fine on new dashboard. ABGX has verified SSV2 for Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures.
DO NO PLAY FABLE III or your console will be flagged and banned from Xbox Live. If you want to check your console status use XVAL2.0
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