Xbox live 12 month sub + free game

Does anyone remember the deal on the dashboard where you sign up to 12 months live and got to choose a free game from a choice of 5,

just wondering if anyone who took out the sub has received their free game yet?


Sorry, but you got scammed. If you call before the 8-10 weeks is up, the reps tell you that they can't tell you anything about when you might receive it and to just call after the 10 weeks if you haven't received it. When you call after the 10 weeks are up, they tell you that you should have called more often and that since you didn't you forfeited your right to receive the game. If you keep pressing them, they'll tell you that the offer is expired and that Microsoft does not have any more copies of any of the games for the promotion. If you ask them for a digital copy of the game, or for a refund of XBox Live, they will refuse. They don't mind spending 3 hours on the phone over 5 different calls, but they definitely mind living up to their side of the bargain.

I know, I've been through all this. Here's what I finally told the representative, and what I plan to do- I refuse to renew XBox Live from this point on. I refuse to purchase any materials from the XBox Live Marketplace. I will buy all games used from this point on, because I know how this impacts their profit. And I will blog about this experience in half a dozen places. XBox will lose a couple thousand in revenue just from me, as I have a lot of people on my Christmas list and buy about 20 games a year. And I'm hoping that others will follow my example, and that such short sighted business practices will be justly rewarded.

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my game came day after i posted this thread

still havent recieved mine
ordered 3/7
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