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Found 5th Aug 2007

I am looking for a subscription to xbox live, they all seem to be approx £40, but then I noticed that game had the same thing with the camera and a headset for £50:


Anyone know where I can get the same but cheaper?


I can give you a £5 off voucher bring it down to £45

The place to go would be ebay.co.uk I snagged mine for £25 the code was emailed to me but I was given the option by the seller to receive the card through the post for an extra £2.

Have just ordered one from littlewoods direct. Usual price there is £39, with an £18.50 discount and 10% discount, it's come to just over £20. Altho in the littlewoods acct, it says just over £38! So I have sent them an email, and waiting to hear back from them!

Place to buy was Ebay US - got a code for about £14....steal :-)

I got a code from US then had to experience hassle from M$ for about 3 months as they blocked the account cos it was a US card.

in the end managed to get a UK code from them.. not worth the hassle.

yeah this one is always hard to find a bargain for, most sites stick to £39.99, which is good if you have a voucher code of some kind, but annoying. I found it cheapest at gameplay.com, for £32.99 - cheapest i found as i say.


Place to buy was Ebay US - got a code for about £14....steal :-)

Was this one of the 12+1 month codes that you can only use on a new account ?

If so, I'd be extremely wary about its authenticity.

Have you got the code yet ? Have you used the code ?

If you have, check when your current xbox live subscription is valid until.


*bump* looking for UK renewel code's cheapest price... not USA new accounts


do the us ones work in the uk den?

Only if you have a US profile.......


wht duz tht mean?

basically the us subscriptions will only work if you register your gamer tag as being american, and having an american address (zip code etc). Despite it being much cheaper than UK's subscriptions it does have some draw backs such as the fact that some of the xbox live material is not available to download.
Hope that helped


Thanks But why would some xbox live material not be able to download?
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