Xbox live 12 months
    I found this site, an advert from Ebay £25, anyone used them before?
    If it's legit it's a great deal!


    looks dodgy to me.

    Not sure if it's worth the risk. Only a fiver dearer if the offer is still on.…899

    Why is it showing the Xbox live 6 months picture worded in Spanish? You would of thought being a 'U.K.' Based company it would of at least used a picture written in English.

    looks ok to me https site. Pay by paypal, and only a year or so ago you could get it for £20 or so anyway. Id go for it.

    the website was first registered less than 2 months ago, registered to a private individual (they hid their name) so no business number to be seen anywhere and their ssl certificate is meaningless - they just spent £40 to have it say https instead of http

    when purchasing you are redirected from the site to '' which is just godaddy store implementation I believe for £20 a month

    it's basically 50/50 I'd say, it looks kind of like a scam but at the same time I have seen a lot of websites set up by people flipping things like this that they picked up cheap and they all put little effort into the set up so it could very well be legit

    if you trust paypals dispute system then go for it, if not - stay away
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