Xbox Live 12 months, is £26.50 the best deal?

    Just got offered this on marketplace, is it pretty much unbeatable?


    Putting credit card details into xbox marketplace....just don't do it. (unless you want to subscribe for ever and not get your card details taken off)

    It's basically more hass than it's worth, pay the extra few pounds for pre-paid card. Also safer if someone steals your xbox, no credit card details on there for them to spend.

    I got this deal as well and managed to get the month for a quid after I paid for the year.. 13 months for 27.50 didn't seem bad. I also used a credit card that is due to expire but you can remove your credit card details at any time anyway.

    It's personal preference but I went for it


    you won't find it cheaper as a standard price anywhere, only thing to consider is if there's more than one of you using it then the new family package might be worth looking at
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