xbox live

hi, i have just bought hubby an xbox and wanted to the cheapest way to get xbox live.

can anyone help me ??


Think the cheapest I've seen is around £32.

Will have a look and if I can find somewhere that has it for that price...

Apparently you already have 1 month free when you first go online. After much searching the polish man on ebay seemed to be the cheapest, was extremely fast and recommended by many on here. The item number is 220185840698. Cost £28.99 for 13 months.

seems to be 30.99 when I checked. supply and demand eh.....

£28.99 item 270211447330

Ok, I'm still recovering from Emma's quiz LOL. It's almost there...

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thanks for this, i think ill take a look at ebay, is he reputable ???
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