Xbox live 14 day trial code to give away

    I have a spare 14 day xbox live gold code if anyone wants it. You can't stack it onto a current membership subscription. Which is why I'm happy to give it away. Can only be used to provide xbox live to a non gold account.


    Does this allow you to have access to the games for gold, do you know?

    Original Poster

    I believe so but you must have an current membership to be able to play once downloaded. If you don't continue your xbox live membership after the 14 days you can't play the games

    I don't think you can stack it... I know you couldn't with codes before... I don't know now.

    I have a friend that would be happy with it so unless someone else really wants it that would be nice thanks

    I'll take it if no-one else wants it.

    I'd love one if anyone got a code spare. thanks

    feeling some overwatch since no work today greatly appreciated. if not oh well

    I'd love it if still available please. Cheers
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