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    Hi can anyone please advise, do you need to get the gold membership to play 360 games on line, or can you for example just buy the wireless adaptor and go on line through broadband and play without paying the £39 ?


    You need a gold membership to play against other players on Live.

    You can download demos etc with the free Silver membership.

    nope you have to buy the subscription to it
    and you need the connection anyway
    silver is free
    gold membership is the one you need to pay for
    and the wireless adaptor is to get you wireless instead of using the ethernet cable!

    you need the wireless adapter or ethernet cable to intially get online, then you can sign up and get a silver memebership which lets you download demos, tlak to friends etc, to actually play online youll need a gold membership ranging in price on a per month, 3 month or yearly membership

    wireless adapter = a method to connect your xbox to an internet connection
    xbox live gold sub = required to play on xbox live

    Dont pay £39 in a shop!

    You can get a 13 month membership from ebay for around £28

    ...or you can get xbox live free for a month free by registering on your Xbox

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    so to carry on my addiction of cod4 following my one month free gold, I need to pay the £39 ? Best price seems to be additions direct with the £30 off - looks like I will have to buy street fighter as well to make up the £60 ? Shame !! PS anyone looking for Street fighter - seems like a good deal from them for £28 !!

    you have to have a gold membership to play online...
    you can either pay for the subscription by direct debit every month, or buy a month or a years worth in one go...
    or you can just keep making new accounts and using the free monthly trial you get...wouldnt really recommend it though, as microsoft will ban your console from xbox live if they catch you!
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