Xbox live 48 hour / 1 month

    I often see people offering/asking for 48 hour codes for Gold live. Where do these codes come from? As I'd like to get hold of one for my son as he's got an unexpected 2 days off school?

    He's getting a longer subscription for Christmas but need a few of these or a month before then. Can anyone recommend a site with instant delivery that maybe also takes pay pal?

    Thanks in advance.



    Sometimes when you buy a new game you get one in the box and alot of people who already have live just give them away for free.

    One coming up now.

    Original Poster

    Thankyou so much Adam 2050. I have one happy son..( I also have a grumpy one but that's another


    One coming up now.

    Could I possibly have one too?


    One coming up now.

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