XBoX Live 48hr Code Giveaway Competition

    Since Modern Warfare 2 seems to be dominating the forums, I have decided to give away all those 48 hour XBOX live codes out to help people, especially those who don't have LIVE get online and experience the online aspect of the game.

    Theres 10 Codes to give out and so get posting explaining why you should get one.

    The best ten posts or reasons will get a code PM'ed to them later this evening.

    Happy Posting.


    i would love one, it would keep my son happy for a bit as his brother wont share roll on xmas and he'll have his own hehehe

    me please for the oh then i can have a free weekend with out them moaning and i can start the baileys lol

    please can i have one.i do have live gold but this would help me on my way to 1000gs on forza i could put a 48 hour trial on my other account so i can buy my own auctions to get 1000gs

    Would i be able to have one please as i am a student living in halls and have very little money to live on to buy food with and therefore havent been able to play on xbox live for a couple of months now and would love to play with my friends who live back home on call of duty!

    can i have one pls as i can not aford xbox live at the mo for my 2 boys

    fingers crossed

    Could I possibly have one? Unfortunately I am too poor to buy MW2 till payday and my live subscription has also ran out and could do with some practice on MW1!

    i would love one of these as i could then leave hubby playing mw2 while i go out with the girls !!!!!!!

    I'd love one, Because I'm greedy

    can I have one? I have 16 year old twins boys and can only afford one live - we bought one console and were given another by a neighbour, but getting them to share the live is a nightmare. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    just give me a code & stop messing

    (was that menacing enough for you?)

    I would love a code as I am to indecisive and cheap to buy bulk time. I never know if I am going to be in the mood to play a game online for a weeks straight. 2 day trials are ace for the minority that is Tera.

    Original Poster

    Ill draw in morning now. Gtta dig out the rest of the codes.. only found 12 atm.. I know theres more.

    Sorry for the late post..

    I must have a xbox live code cause i am addicted to MW2....

    I am addicted to MW2 because I play at my house, my buddies house, sometimes the library, my aunts house, my cousins house, and once in awhile my other buddies house. I also share my console, ip addy, with my friend, his mom, his dad, brother, sister, her son, his girlfreind, my neighbours on both sides, their kids, thier kids` girlfriends and boyfreinds, my mailman, the trashguys(3), the milkman, the newspaper carrier(usually 3am EDT), in the winter the snowplow drivers, my dog, fish, llama and Elvis.....


    soooo who were the lucky winners???

    Original Poster

    Im gunna finish it tonight around 10



    ive just bought an xbox because everyone i know is on MW2 at the moment. would love to try my hand at live.

    please can i have one as i've just got back for the weekend, and won't be back home until christmas, so this is kind of like 8mile the movie.
    Annnnnd this is my "one shot" of being able to play this game online before i become a total "noob" at xmas time and get destroyed.

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