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    I am getting a 360 next week. And apparently it is essential to get xbox live to get the full experience.

    That said i havent a clue what i will need to get up and running or need to buy? and what are the best games on live?



    You will either need a cable to router or switch or crossover cable to connect directly to your PC to use Internet connection sharing and set it up.Or you can get a wireless 360 card which you plug in to the console then you will need to configure that on your router and 360 wifi card same as wired. You get 1month live when you sign up to a new account.

    after you have set up the router and such =] you will need to buy ethier a 1 month / 3 month / 12 month subscription to the service.

    Its really good you can play with people all across the world and as for games depends on what you are intrested in?

    There is music games such as gutiar hero or rockband in rockband you can have an online band and in gutair hero you can battle againest each other. Then theres things such as halo and Gears of war and call of duty where these are war games like in COD (call of duty) you play with people on your team to fight againist people in other teams. Then there is football games such as fifa where you and others can make your own team.

    Also there is xbox live forums where xbox realted stuff are talked about.

    xx if you wanna ask any more questions just fire away..

    And btw i dont atucally own an xbox my bf and my brother does i use my bfs =] x

    Make an xbox live account on the 360 and you will get a month live trial if you select silver.

    If your xbox does not come with one get a hard drive for it too, also i found the best place to get live for 12 months was Darwinexperiment on ebay was £27

    as above, all good advice.
    As for games halo 3 odst is pretty good and the new dall of duty modern warfare 2 is out next month. The call of duty franchise is amazing and hopefully this will be the best yet. Racing games= Forza and project gotham is pretty good
    you only pay xbox live once for the year by the way, not for each game.
    £2 per month of 50p per week, is good value to be fair

    Original Poster

    thanks guys... reppd u all

    Pm me if you want to extend your Xbox live Gold.

    I bought a 12 month sub off eBay a couple of days ago (much cheaper than paying microsoft !) & if I refer anyone else, they get a discount (works out less than £25).

    Cant post referral details in here though
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