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    Anyone tell me when this is back up?



    Anyone tell me when this is back up?

    Didn't realise it was down:?

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    Its down for 14 hours today..

    not sure when this 14 hours started though..

    think it started 7am ish

    I was cursing my netgear, then i remembered that i read it was going down today. So chilled slightly

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    14 hours up, still no sign.

    Think its ment to be up at 10pm,

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    3 minutes to go then.

    Still not up for me and im sure that its way past now.

    [url][/url] is down too

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    still down for me

    Still down, maybe back online from 12am?

    Pity Microsoft could not do the maintenence during the early hours of the morning for the Uk gamers but seeing that it is American it won't happen

    Xbox Live maintenance update

    This season’s Xbox Live Maintenance is almost complete. The engineers have begun the final testing and preparation to bring the service back online. We have one outstanding issue before we can flip the switch, so that means that we’re not back yet. I’ll post another update when I have more details. I don’t have an exact time when the service will be back online, and I’ll post an update when I do.

    Back on in a few minutes if anybodys still waiting to be on

    still not back up - shame as I wanted to download "shivering isles" today.

    oh well - will get it tomorrow.

    when is it coming back on?

    the xbox live website is back up, so going to check on the 360 now.


    Ah ha! Xbox live is back online!

    And downloading Shivering Isles!

    Don't have a XBox 360 - only a pc gaming machine.:thumbsup: Right.
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