xbox live accesorries.

    wheres the cheapest place to get the wireless headset,i think iv seen a deal where you can get the headset and call of duty.or is anyone selling one.

    what other accesories is there


    you could try getting an original xbox (not xbox 360) headset off ebay. they're pretty cheap and they're compatible with the 360.

    Edit: Sorry just realised you meant wireless headset!

    to be honest the 360 headsets are also pretty cheap on ebay (under a tenner) - just had a look after leaving the previous post

    Edit: Sorry just realised you meant wireless headset!

    pcworld sell them for £25.99


    pcworld sell them for £25.99

    what, just the headset? it can be bought for waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than that!!!

    No they can't (thats a wireless one !)

    I'm selling a brand new wired one in the thread I started in the for sale section along with PREY if your looking.....

    OOps! I think I should have read the original thread more thoroughly!
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