Hi folks,

new to XBOX Live, just have a quick question

If I have a mate over, can we both go online with it eg team up on CoD4?

Bearing in mind only I have the XBOX Live subscription, or does it require all profiles to be signed up for XBOX Live


Im pretty sure you cant do it on COD 4

You can do it on COD 3 and have the other person sign in as a guest

Same as Halo 3 - you can sign in on a Guest account for your friends but you cant do this on COD4

You need to have 2 consoles with live and internet access to play on live together..
You can only play the split screen on one console together (it sucks!)

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Cheers guys, will have to stick to Halo when mates come over, shame as he has PS3 so is familar with the game

Rep added to all

P.S. lovin the pic, Monkey Island rules!:w00t:
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