Xbox Live code

    Hi there, a bit cheecky i know, but i have just borrowed a mates xbox 360 whilst hes on holiday, and all he ever talks about is the Live game play.
    As im a newbie to the games world, does anyone have a code i could use?
    It would be greatly appreciated.


    lol genius..its been a long day

    have pm'd you some

    why don't you delete them quickly and pm them to him?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for those masterruckus. I've just returned your PM. Unfortunately, it seems like they had expired.

    Has anybody else got any codes I could try please? PM would probably be best.

    Thanks in advance.

    I gave my last one away last week, however if you register at [url][/url] and ask for codes on the UK general discussion forums you will be inundated with offers of codes.

    I've got one, will PM it to you now

    sorry about that razorcuts, im sure they wer valid till somewhere in 2009. i hope you get what you need

    sent you a pm.

    If that's expired I'm pretty sure when you set up a new gamertag and register for free silver service you automatically get a 1 month upgrade to gold.

    has anyone got any codes they could post to me aswell pleaseee
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