Xbox live connection to BT Broadband

    Hi All
    Does anyone else experience "lagging" with xbox live gaming with connection through BT Broadband - in particular the black homehub 2?
    I'm a bit of a technophobe - and haven't attempted messing around with the hub manager settings. Have checked that the xbox live settings are not set to "strict" etc.
    Any help would be appreciated - maybe ditch the homehub and ditch BT?!?


    I play black ops through bt broadband, not sure what I've got now, its homehub black thing lol.

    Get lag on some matches on-line but I wouldn't put it down to my broadband but it could be.

    Only problem I have is sometimes the whole internet seems mess up and dont even work and have to reset the whole hub.

    Im thinking about ditching BT. BT Vision is pretty rubbish, when I watch some things on demand it just keeps jumping the whole time.…955

    If the game/application is not listed, create a new game or an application by clicking Supported Applications in the menu and follow the steps given below. You must know the details of your port forward at this stage.
    Click Add new game or application
    Enter a name for the game or application
    Against Copy an existing game/application select No
    Enter Protocol > Port range > Translate to (port no) > Trigger port as appropriate for the rule you are adding.
    Click Add
    If there are multiple protocols/ranges for this rule repeat steps 4 & 5 as appropriate.
    Click Apply

    I did this on Friday, played one game and was perfect. Tried just now and its back to being crap.

    Very annoying
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    BT are S#*t, I left for O2 and went from 2MB to 8Mb! and thats only cause it is capped @ 8 could prob get more.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all. Tending to agree BT are next to useless

    Have no problem with BT.


    Have no problem with BT.

    This is my first kind of problem.

    Can't really understand it though as my brothers xbox upstairs plays smooth.
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