Xbox live deleting my save data after an update

    Now the problem is I already allowed it to do that to NFS Undercover and it went and deleted my save data, now I want to play GTA IV online but I am worried once the update for that game has been done it will again delete my save data for this game too. Oh great that is just lovely, that one update and all my games saved data has vanished. What kind of crap is this? Just to use xbox live you have to be prepared to lose all your saved data?Tried finding my saved data from the local hard drive, there's nothing in there for any game anymore. Is this supposed to be normal? Let's say I don't play on live for another a few months and they come out with an update, now if I wanted to join live again am I going to go through this same scenario again?

    Well I see I'm in the minority, let me add in some details. When live wanted to update my system after it had done so it was blabbing something about rendering my previous save useless, but it did not say it would mess up all my save files. So not only did it delete NFS, it deleted my Forza 3, GTA IV, Mass Effect 2, Midnight Club La and the Godfather 2 saves. When I tried searching for them in the local hard drive through the ingame method of 'loading' it said for all of the games, 'there is no save file'.

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