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Found 20th Dec 2008
Anybody else get a email about renewing their membership with 12 months code and you get 400 free points?
I got one but it was on a different email to the one that my gamertag is on..
So I decided to send a email to microsoft..
Got the most unhelpful email back ever!
Try our Xbox FAQ or response agent ( a robot)
So I rang up and after the person speaking to her supervisor I have just spent my free 400 points on Worms
Anyway Im off to play it
Happy Christmas!


Yeah I had an email come through about it, thing is I renewed my membership late november, is it worth calling Microsoft to try and get it?

Will buy 2 sets of 400 points if anyone wants to sell.

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Yeah just say that you got the email sent to your account and therefore you should get it!

Give them a ring tonight!
They shut at 8, although at first you have to talk to this robot ( i found slightly weird )but after tht they answer pretty quick

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Will buy 2 sets of 400 points if anyone wants to sell.

They just get added to your account im afraid :oops:

No worries, thanks anyway.


They just get added to your account im afraid :oops:

Will try now, thanks for the info, rep added :):)

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Will try now, thanks for the info, rep added :):)

Thanks:) !
Let me know how you get on!

didn't get the email..

were you close to renewal at the time?

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didn't get the email..were you close to renewal at the time?

I had actually just renewed it a couple of days before


Thanks:) !Let me know how you get on!

I fri**ing hate ringing Microsoft!, first try waited on the phone for 10 mins then cut off.....second attempt got through quicker, but had the usual simpleton the other end, no matter how clearly you explain its always they have to go off to "escalate".

Then he wanted me to forward the email, and said he would give me a reference number, fair enough,...silence.....

Told him I was ready....he said "I will tell you when I am ready"....."ok", I replied....silence for two mins, then more mutterings from him as he was typing out the reference log......"how many points was that", "400 I replied"....another 5 minutes......"what date did you get the email"...."18th December" I replied...another 2 minutes.....reference number supplied...and I managed to end the call after like 30 minutes total, all to send a email through to customer support with a reference number.....

Now I probably will have to wait 3 weeks before I get any reply from that!

Love my 360, hate Microsoft indian call centre with a vengeance....had no end of trouble with getting my Microsoft Steering wheel retrofitted.

The email I received was to do with GOW2, some promotion connected with that, and was a last chance to claim free 400 points, strangely never had an email b4 though, but will chase it up to be honoured seeing they sent it to my account.

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Wow thats bad!
Try ringing again tommorow or whatever


Wow thats bad!Try ringing again tommorow or whatever

Well I have forwarded the email through to them, perhaps if I do phone again I may get 800 points, 400 from each :thumbsup:

But yeah, I mean fancy wanting to see the email as sort of "proof" over 400 sodding points, I mean really, you would just think they would add them to your account and say "done sir" now wouldnt you....well...they did in your case lol.

Shame I was going to add them to the little bank of points I already had for some old skool gaming and download Sensi Soccer.

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I knoww
Unlucky though

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Lmao just got a email , with guess what!
My free 400 xbox live points!
I just added them and they worked as well!
So they send an email out like a month later giving me antoher 400 lol!
The people I rang up obviously didnt have a cluee!

So its worth phoning up?

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Well did you sign up for your xbox live 12 months in december?
If so then yeah, cos when I rang up they gave me 400 points over the phone ( obviously didnt know how the promotion wortked) and then ive just got a email with the points in and i tried them and it gave me another 400 lol!
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