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Found 20th Mar 2007
Hate to ask but does anyone here have a spare code for 2 month free trial for xbox? Apparently they come in xbox live games, but none of the 4 that came with my system had one. Desperately need one to register a gamertag before I begin softmodding my xbox. If anyone has a spare, I'd be forever indebted.


ur best bet is a 48 hour trial, i always give mine away.
They are worth nothing but a 2 month sub is over £5 so i dont think you will get it for free.

Sorry my last one i got was with crackdown and i gave it away already.

[SIZE=2]You get gold free for a month when you register a new gamertag on live via the console[/SIZE]

Can that only be used with the new tag? I am looking for the best buy 12 month subscription just now, but that would bide me some time!!


antispam246 was referring to the original xbox console.

neither the 48 hour trial nor the one month free gold apply to the original xbox console.

The game "Rainbow Six - Lockdown" should come with a 2-month Xbox Live trial which lets you create a new account on the original Xbox which is prepaid for two months.

Amazon: £5.96
HMV: £5.00

Hope this helps

EDIT: As far as I know, "Pro Evolution Soccer 5" also comes with a 2-month live trial.
This is £5.99 from HMV online

Thanks ehosin, but do you need to create new gamer tags to use these trials? It's a 360 my son has.

if you really want a 48hr trial code, buy one for a quid or so on ebay

No, it's really a 12 month code I would prefer! But as my son isn't happy about waiting on his stupid Mum (me) getting it, anything would do for now. It would help me money wise to wait another few weeks.

I thought I'd look at the old games, but don't know enough about them, e.g. if it's only special editions that have codes (for Halo 2, etc) or if you can make do another gamer tag but play with your origional tag? As I know he'll want to use his usual tag.

Not a big problem if I don't find anything, I'll buy one in a few weeks time, he can wait a bit longer.

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Thanks ehosin. I checked ebay, they're all for u.s/canada only. Someone offered me a free one but again, it was for u.s only. I noticed these were given away frequently so thought I'd give it a shot. I'm sorted now, so thanks anyway (:
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