Xbox Live Glitch

Found 28th Jul 2010
Unlock full versions of XBLA games I'm sure they'll patch this soon though..

- Download the XBLA demo of these games
- Launch your Modern Warfare 2 game from the DVD drive
- Stay on the main screen (where is says "press start")
- Then push " X guide" button
- Select "quick start" and select your XBLA game

Works so far with Metal Slug 3, Fatal Fury Special, and Samurai Showdown

Could work with more?
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=O I'm gonna have a go now!
hahaha, nice one.
This a joke?
Worked for me for Metal slug haa

This a joke?

Maybe, maybe not...

This a joke?

er... yes mr microsoft
doesn't work for Limbo ):
Seems to work on all the SNK games
Fatal fury didn't work
But it worked on metal slug for me
Edited by: "DejaEntendu" 28th Jul 2010
Doesn't unlock ? or does it mean it wont work out of modern warfare

Worked for me for Metal slug haa


Just like you to try get something for nothing you little thief!!

Where's my refund you bum?
Paddy Charlie

#Just like you to try get something for nothing you little thief!!Where's … #Just like you to try get something for nothing you little thief!!Where's my refund you bum?


As above, get up to date with this at next log on attempt. You'll face a site ban otherwise. Trading restrictions don't seem to be enough to force your hand.

Aw,doesn't work for Limbo ):

Yeah you seem to have quite interesting feedback
Thanks for looking into it ASB

And sorry to OP for thread spoiling
Don't think I'm gonna attempt this, M$ will probably have logs on the transactions and either ban you or take MSP from you.
from what I can see its only a temp activation (could be wrong, only played metal slug for 2 mins and got bored), they can't force money from you or ban you because of an error in their system. All you're doing is choosing to play a title that you have downloaded, but instead of selecting it from the dashboard you are doing so whilst your MW2 is booted

Finished it now cheers op
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