Xbox Live Gold 12 month sub. From ebay?

Found 15th Nov 2007

There are a few seller's on ebay with 12 month gold subscriptions that are going for around £22. He has lots of positive feedback and is a major seller, looks as if plenty of people in the UK have bought these subscriptions.
There is one person selling from the US and one from the UK (UK slightly more expensive at £27). They just email you the 25 digit code.

It all looks ok, I just want to be sure, especially with regards to buying the US one (which is claimed to be ok worldwide). Anyone have any experience of this?

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Not had experience with the xbox live purchase but I have purchased things like top-up vouchers which they email the code for. If you are able to pay Paypal and the seller has seller/buyer protection upto £500 ( you will see this on the listing ) ask if you can have the voucher posted as Paypal DOES NOT cover any "item" that's emailed only "physically posted items".
If you decide to go for the "emailed code" option you will not have any comeback if you do not get your code ( or if it does not work! )
However, in my previous experience, if your seller has plenty of positive feedback, he is unlikely to want to damage that by ripping people off.
As for the US code working in the UK I am pretty sure I have read somewhere this is NOT the case although I may be corrected on that....
Thanks for the info, i have decided to try it anyway. £17.99 for 12 +1 month gold subscription, new users only.
Not a bad deal considering its £35 on amazon
Don't do it,

The only ones that will work are UK codes.

US codes do not work unless you are registering under a US address.

I was done by a US code, but in the end I got my money back.

I got mine from a UK seller, stating that they work on a UK machine and his feedback was from UK buyers. I paid £25 and that was the cheapest.
yeah i went for one specifically saying they were for the UK and rest of EU. It worked perfectly, just been playing Call of Duty 4 multiplayer. £17.99 for 13 months, awesome deal seen as my stupid brother pays £5 a month direct debit.
Yup, I bought mine from an ebay seller. Got the card scanned and e-mailled. Worked fine ever since!
Be aware a lot of the cheaper ones re for new accounts only, not renewals
Whats the sellers account, or listing number. Id be interested myself at this price!
i got it from papyflo77. Remember the £17.99 price is for new registrations only. I think its about £25 for renewals.
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