Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 0 m ago)
Our Xbox Live Gold runs out this weekend and I'm going to try the 3 year stackable Turkey codes, we've never had Game Pass Ultimate on our account. Do I need to buy 1 month and then convert it or does Microsoft still do the offer when you sign up? Also can someone point me in the direction of a dummies guide please.
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    You need to turn off any auto renewal first and let your current membership end. Then buy 3 years of whatever Xbox Live Gold membership is cheapest, and then use a VPN for that country and add them to your existing account. Once all have been added you switch off the VPN and you should have the 1 month Game Pass Ultimate for £1 offer (as you said you’ve never used it before), just sign up for that and it will convert the whole 3 years Gold membership to Game Pass Ultimate
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    How is it this way?
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