Found 7th Dec 2009
Where is the cheapest/best/most reliable etc source of a years XBL? There's a few sites who send the code immediately etc, anyone got the most reputable source?

(This of course will mean I finally need to start a PayPal account - BLEH).

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*********************** are spot on used them a couple of times most recenyly a fortnight ago recieved my code withn an hour.

cheap xboxlive codes dot com that reads.

http ://www . gamesbite . com/xbox-live-gold-12--month-gold--digital-delivery-3-p.asp

(remove the spaces)

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Looks alright, think that could be the winner

When creating a PayPal account, is it better to link with a credit card or a debit card? Credit is safer obviously, but funds would then sit on that card (If I sold something for instance) as opposed to being able to withdraw from the debit.

Decisions decisions.... More advice?

Went with the credit card, now how the hell do I transfer funds... God this is going to be a pain.

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http ://www . gamesbite . … http ://www . gamesbite . com/xbox-live-gold-12--month-gold--digital-delivery-3-p.asp(remove the spaces)

Decent, but a whole £3 more expensive

www. instantlivecodes .com/

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Bah sod PayPal, I'll get a friend to buy it for me and give him the cash tomorrow, pain in the... Thanks for the help guys, repped accordingly

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