xbox live gold & arcade points


    I finally got hold of a 360 yesterday and need live gold membership for a year as well as some of those point thingies to download some games.

    Now is there a cheap way of doing this or do I just buy the points through the xbox with a credit card.

    I have a £30 give card for game which I'm finding hard to use as things there seem to be so overpriced so if I can only save a couple of quid here and there on these I guess I'd be better off using the gift card.

    thanks for any pointers,


    Just note that you cant use the gift cards online

    Best price is like £35 for 12months…-21

    and like £16.95 for 2100 points…117

    A pain really as i need a new 12 months and some points but way too costy

    Original Poster

    thanks for the info - I'll check how much they are in game & decide between your links & the game shop

    I'd do it now if I wasn't stuck at work

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