Posted 25 February 2023

Xbox live gold hack problem?

Has anyone recently had a problem redeeming codes on Xbox?

I’ve bought a CDkeys live gold code in order to stack and convert the ultimate and have changed the region of my account and used a VPN but I still can’t redeem the code. It’s saying that the code was purchased in a different region from the account. This has never happened in the last 3-4 times I’ve done it.

Has anyone got any ideas?

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  1. Lauren_Bray's avatar
    I’ve done it now. I was stupid and changed my region to turkey as well as the account. All sorted now:)
    kos1c's avatar
    I had the same issue in the past, it was my Nordvpn being rubbish so used windscribe and no issue.

    Ignore the comments of MS clamping down. (edited)
  2. Byno's avatar
    Don't/shouldn't need to change anything region wise (on console) just need a VPN on the site to redeem the code. (edited)
  3. marco_j's avatar
    Just an FYI this thread.....was trying for hours to sort mine an then finally found out Nord VPN no longer works for turkey at least so had to use a different VPN is all
  4. RandomUser42's avatar
    They might have sent you a code from the wrong region? You could try a different VPN to check.
  5. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    This is a known issue Microsoft are clamping down on us exploiting the system. You need to keep re entering it and after about 30 attempts it may do it. I think this is a sign of things to come if I'm honest with you (edited)
  6. Andrew_Garcia's avatar
    At the end of the day was not worth it, i was trying to buy 1 year live gold to upgrade it to gamepass ultimate, the roadblock besides finding a working VPN (windscribe in my case) is trying to add founds to the account, you will need a turkish bank card, sadly gift cards are no longer available.

    FYI urbanVPN, expressvpn, nordvpn will not work, dont waste your money
  7. mavip's avatar
    I just did this yesterday. After looking at old HUKD walk throughs which were really useful, I thought I would share my experience in case its useful for others.

    I bought 3x 12month xbox gold passes (Turkey) from CDKeys. I then bought a 1 month non-stackable ultimate pass from Gamivo.

    I made a new microsoft and xbox account so didnt need to wait for it to expire. I tried redeem my codes using nordvpn on my PC but it wouldnt let me. Tried a few times still nothing.

    Downloaded UrbanVPN onto my iphone went Incognito (probably a bit of an overkill) and was able to redeem my xbox gold codes for three years. I then went onto my microsoft account on PC without VPN and it asked if I wanted to upgrade to an Ultimate pass. I clicked yes and just paid the £11 for the ultimate pass to save time and hassle. It converted the 3years xbox gold to 3 years ultimate.

    One other thing to note is UrbanVPN is no longer free. I had to do this using their free 1 week trial.
  8. rooikat's avatar
    has anyone tried to stack 3 turkish codes lately. Im getting an error from MS saying ive maxxed out with one years code.
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    Here the same amk
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