Xbox live help

    ok so i bought a xbox elite on here a week ago and now want to put it on to live i got a 48 hour code to try, but i dont no how to set it up for live. I dont have wireless so do i just need to conect the ethernet cable to my router or wot?

    My computer and tv are located too far apart in my bedroom but if i just took the router and put it into the phone line in my sisters room and use her tv that would be ok?

    Thanks in advance


    well first off you will have one month free on your xbox already so dont worry with the 48 hour code atm.

    as for thev rest i have no idea but im pretty sure u cna just stick an ethernet cable in and play away there is many ways to connect look at this:

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    its not a new xbox so think the free months mite be used hence the 48hour trial, thank you 4 the info
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