xbox live help!

    know this has been posted in various other threads...i dont have a wireless adaptor for xbox and dont wanna spend on it-but have seen people saying it can go wireless through a lappy with wireless internet..
    i have such a laptop and would greatly appreciate an IDIOT-proof guide on how to set it up...
    thanks in advance!


    I would help you no probs but i dont have the time sorry mate


    never seen that before, great stuff :thumbsup:



    never seen that before, great stuff :thumbsup:

    don't click the live stream at the bottom, people searching some weird ass stuff


    Excellent, I love it!

    Original Poster

    thanks alot-greatly appreciated...
    feel a bit stupid that i didnt think to google it tho..




    I made a wireless bridge on my work laptop and after a couple of hours got it working when I assigned my LAN connection a static IP address after following advice I found on a forum somewhere....

    Anyway - next day I get to work, switch my laptop on and plug in my LAN connection (which I sometimes use) and then got up to take my car to be serviced. My colleague says - "you've picked a good time to go, the networks just gone down. Email, internet, connection to customer networks.... everything, for everyone.

    I get back from dropping my car off, and think the network isn't back so I'll reboot, then miraculously everything came back.....

    A few minutes later, the communications manager says to me "What time did you get in today, was it about 9.06?" Sheepishly I had to own up - so all beware :oops:.

    Make sure you undo what ever you do, if you mess around with this method!! I think I'll just buy a wireless adaptor or try homeplugs if I can find any cheap but they are still noth expensive solutions!
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