xbox live idiots guide please - bt vision/homehub/xbox & a switch - live streaming?

    I am a total newbie to this, I have a new elite and am wanting to go live.
    Firstly I have pc & bt homehub in one room and tv & xbox in another room. I have connectivity to the net via powerline adaptors and can download content, create gamertag etc all OK.
    How do I play online? I was trying with Halo3, but can't access any servers, as you do with pc online gaming. What's all this "party" stuff & friends?
    Secondly, how do you set up streaming from pc to xbox for my set up?
    Win Xp sp2 & WMP11 ...share media etc ... but can't see the xbox!


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    Sussed part of it - matchmaking finds people to battle with.
    Anyone help with streaming??

    you will need to enable media sharing in WMP11 on your PC, then you should be able to see the computer and access it through the media "blade".

    Go to [url][/url] for all the neccessary info

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    Tried to enable media sharing in WMP11 but it doesn't find anything to share to (ie it doesn't see the xbox)

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    maybe I have to mess around with portsor firewall or something because my pc doesn't see the xbox when I click share media in WMP11
    Any thoughts?

    Try connecting the xbox to the hub via a cable and then try it.

    It may be a problem with drop outs over the powerlines.

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    Got it working now, after disabling windows firewall so that xbox can be seen via WMP11. Have now re-enabled windows firewall & allowed exceptions & it seems to work. IT expert methinks (not).

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    Further question:
    In my set-up as above, how can I have xbox & BTV side by side in room next to my TV when Home hub & pc is another room?
    ie I can use powerline adaptors but do I need a switch from the adaptor beside the BTV to split the connectivity between BTV & my xbox?
    If so will this do the trick…uct

    yes, you will need to use a switch/hub and that one suggested should do the trick

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    Can the xbox do live streaming?
    (Thinking about live football from the net streamed to TV)

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    Can the xbox do live streaming?
    Can you set it up to output via xbox to your TV "live" from the net?

    No streaming in the sense that you mean. But soon you will be able to download things on it like you do with the bt vision thingy.


    You realise this is a 3 year old thread?

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    You realise this is a 3 year old thread?EDIT - bump deleted. Hmmm

    who bumped it ODB ?

    wasn't me......


    No idea...comment was there and then disappeared. Didn't see who it was
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