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    Can someone tell me what xbox live membership does. My Son is 10 is it safe? And what is the difference between silver and gold? And is £25.99 for 12 months gold a good price?


    Thats prob the best price you will find.

    Xbox live is great, sometimes there are foul mouthed people on there but your son can play xbox live without the headset if need be, Xbox live is the best part of xbox

    You need a good broadband speed though

    He gets to play online with or against people of all ages from all over the world, so you will get your ordinary people and your weirdos as anywhere.

    if you put parental controlls on, there is no point in having gold.

    he wont be able to play with anyone.

    i had to make another account for my son with his age @ 18 for him to play anyone online @ fifa.

    Trouble is, you always get other kids swearing, bitching, darn outrageous..

    Silver is just talk to a friend, 1-1 chat, browse market place etc.

    Gold is needed for multiplayer online games..

    The gold account allows you to play other people all over the world through your internet connection. If your son wears a headset he is also able to talk to whoever he is playing.

    I have to say i don't often wear my headset when playing online with people that I do not know. Instead there is an option to only speak to people you are friends with.

    It comes down to your discretion of what you want to expose your son to. The language can be a little colourful at times, but the same language can be heard whilst walking down the street. You son has the option to only speak to people that he knows which eliminates the problem. Also, to get the most out of the 360, your really want a gold account to play games online.

    As for the price, that is about as good as you will get. Microsoft change about £40 if you buy via the xbox menu which i don't recommend. Instead try and buy a prepayed card / code for 3 or 12 months as this means you don't have to give your card details over to Microsoft.

    All this said, i'm 30 and not 10. Wish I had an xbox when I was a nipper but had to manage with a BMX and a skateboard. Hard times :-)


    My children have gold memberships & I use relevant parental settings & younger ones can only listen to their friends on their headsets but they can all play online . You can also block messages etc to help manage out the idiots, but obviously nothing is 100% ;-)

    Re Fifa 10 just for info, one of mine has 2 gold accounts as well due to the EA online pre-teen age restrictions (which I only found out after getting first account). But on new Fifa 10 there's now a parental permission link which grants pre-teens access to the game, so they can now play with their main account / real age. Don't know if this parental permission link is available to older versions of game or not.

    Dear Parent or Guardian,Your email address was provided to Electronic … Dear Parent or Guardian,Your email address was provided to Electronic Arts by a player using the persona xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in our FIFA10 product on Xbox 360. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx identified you as a parent or guardian able to provide consent for our collection and use of the information necessary to create his or her account. In order to create an account, in addition to your email address, this player provided his or her email address, country and date of birth. If you consent to this account, the player will also be permitted to access online features that will allow the player to freely share information with other players through text or voice chat within the online gaming experience.

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    Thanks for the info guys, I will probably get it for him and keep a close eye on him
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