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Found 20th Dec 2010
OK, got to ask even though I may well be doing something wrong.

Signed up to XBox Live (1 month free trial) at the weekend and was hoping to get involved in some BFBC2 multiplayer action but can't seem to find a game to join.

Is this because my 'rating' is low - I'm a casual gamer.

Also, is the only way to join a multiplayer game from within the game itself or is there somewhere within XBox Live where you can see a list of currently active multiplayer games to join - any game, not just BFBC2.
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BFBC2 isn't an old game and is still played by thousands of people, you can only join a BFBC2 online game through BFBC2
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you should check that you can connect to any online game and that you don't have a router issue where you need to set-up your port-forwarding.
what exact message are you getting when you dont join a match?

press start, multiplayer tab, press quick match and select any map and game type.

Did you get a vip code with your game,
Thanks all for the replies.

Not long after I posted, I tried again and was able to successfully join.

I'm still really surprised that yesterday afternoon and evening it couldn't find any games to join - it was the w/end afterall.

I have loads of other questions to do with XBox Live - any links to good beginners guides?

Looks good - many thanks.
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