Found 29th Nov 2008
For some reason I used to but now I can't connect to a friend in cod5 on xbox live.

Anyone know why or a solution?


Is it a problem with NAT settings on your xbox - they should say open if you test your connection......

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I will give it ago now.

Rep added.

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NAT is strict. Anyone know how to change this?


NAT is strict.

That may well be your problem. What is your setup? are you connecting via a wireless router?

I had to set up port forwarding on my router - try this site, by following the instructions on here for my router, I got mine to work (ie NAT open)

NAT will almost certainly be your problem if it's strict. Are you using a bridged connection by any chance?

i get this sometimes, but the ports are open, so all i do is unplug the router from the mains supply for a few seconds and then plug in again so the router reboots. always works for me
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