Xbox live problem

    Turn xbox on, signs onto xbox live fine. When I go to play a game online it disconnects.

    Tried resetting the router.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?



    low connection speed to play online do a speedtest bud

    Does it ask to download an update?

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    Does it ask to download an update?


    Download is 721 and upload is 261

    have you been suspended from live?

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    No I haven't

    Perhaps it is your NAT setting. You should go to network settings and do the connection test if its something obvious. Try forwarding your ports. Use this site for a guide on how to do that:…htm

    Find your router on the list and then go to 360 xbox live and you should get instructions.

    has your gold sub ran out?

    mine did today and wouldnt let me sign in till i switched back to silver

    have you forwarded the ports on your router?

    Some games do seem to disconnect you when you load them. I have had this but as soon as I sign back in I am ok.
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