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    i have modded 360, will i be able to play online if i have original game, or i still have a chance to get banned ? thx


    yeah you can still play online my oh has his modded and has been online over a year with copy games

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    so if i have original game, im not gona get banned ? 100% ???

    If you flash you are never 100% safe
    LT is as close to original firmware as can be
    but only m$ know how safe it is

    There were people who claimed only used original games before the last ban wave, and still got banned.
    It's believed several methods were used by MS to check for flashed drives (I assume that's what you mean when you say modded) and some would show up even on original discs (drive timings etc).
    It's always a gamble, may get away with it or you may not.....

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    thank you everyone
    will have to get another 360 to play online then
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