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    Hi knowledge base!

    I signed up for 3 months live last week. Not sure when I will be billed, it said not immediately? Any idea?

    Also, I heard fee's are going up soon, to nearer £50/yr, is this true?

    If so, there's a current dashboard offer for 12 months for £31.99, not bad (+silly avatar zombie hat for free, whatever.) if it's true prices are going up soon. What i'm wondering, is will they add 9 months, or will they add 12 months to my account, so effectively I have just under 15 months?

    Not sure how the accounts work. if prices aren't going up I will wait for one of the better deals they have done on the dashboard to crop up again. If prices are going up though, I need to get this deal soon!

    Thanks alot,

    Please get back to me ASAP if you can help. Limited time offer!

    Cheers in advance!



    there was a deal on XBL for 24 months for £67 with 1600 ms points, it will bill you when your current gold membership expires

    There are prices hikes but it wont affect the 12 month price, only the 1 month and 3 month prices.

    Most will not buy direct from Mircrosoft, £31.99 isn't a bad price for 12 months though. If you did purchase that, the 12 months will be added to the 3 months you've just bought.

    Don't worry if you miss this offer as are only charging £1 more for it.…tml?source=9593&_$ja=tsid:11853|prd:78888

    You have to be careful also as your card details are on the xbox, MS will auto renew charging you £15 every 3 months.

    A very expensive way to get xbox live.

    Original Poster

    Yes, it's temporary. Was going to upgrade to 12 months when I could justify the larger outlay.

    If price hikes were affecting 12 month memberships I would buy now though...

    So what's the verdict? Don't worry about the price hikes, as i'm after 12 months of membership, and look out for a slightly better deal on the dashboard?

    I guess if I got it at £32, next year MS would renew at the current rate, whatever that may be. Must be careful if so!

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