XBOX Live - Some basic questions

    I am getting a 360 extremely imminent and obviously want to go Live and have many questions...

    1. Will an 8meg line be sufficient?

    2. I will use ICS over a wireless network - will this give lag?

    3. When I go to Uni can I plug my 360 straight into their network and off I go or do I need to adjust any settings?

    4. I have created an Xbox gamertag on already and don't own a console yet. I heard you get one month free live with the xbox but only when you create a gamertag on the actual console.

    5. Can xbox silver member download from the marketplace?

    6. Do the xbox 48 hr trials give FULL gold access?

    7. How will the 360 play on a 50hz CRT television?

    8. How easy is it to play the 360 sound via your PC speakers? (using the 360 vga cable)?

    Thanks for any answers...


    1. The latency is important, not the bandwidth
    2. Depends on your wireless network, I've done so on a reasonable network and it generally worked fine
    3. I've no idea about your uni setup, my one blocked pretty much all traffic apart from http. If you've an open connection and it's a standard DHCP network with no mac address restrictions, then it shouldn't be a problem getting the 360 running there
    4. Not sure
    5. Generally, although in some cases Gold members get access to marketplace content first
    6. I think so
    7. For some games they should play fine but not all, there's been a few where they've been designed to work with HD which means the interface and text are difficult to read on a standard TV
    8. Shouldn't be a problem, the xbox offers digital out if your PC has a digital in connection. Alternatively you can use the analogue phono connection, with a simple adapter cable you can use the line in on your PC


    1. Yes! 2mb is more than enough. Upload speeds are more important i think

    2. Dont use wireless. Maybe someone else can clear this up

    3. It should be fine unless there is some major firewall blocking the ports. Ive not much experience in those kind of network situations so maybe someone else can give their thoughts.

    4. I know for a fact you get a free 1month when you create it on the xbox360. You'll obviously be able to use the one youve created when you get ur console, but i doubt youll get the month free

    5. Yes. Silver can do everything gold can do except for online multiplayer and voice chat.

    6. Yes

    7. It'll play fine, but some games are 60hz only. Although i have problems seeing certain details on some games on the CRT i play on. Like the cones on PGR3

    8. You can either buy a mini-jack adapter that you plug the red and white rca's into and then into the headphone jack on your speakers, or if you have a red and white audio in on your PC like i do, plug em straight in there.



    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice guys...
    What sort of latency should I be looking for on my connection?

    i use wireless on my 360 and its fine.

    Original Poster


    i use wireless on my 360 and its fine.

    but do you use ICS as well?

    I do, my o/h browses on our laptop while im playing and I dont notice any difference, I down use torrents though whiilst im gaming on live. Im also using it on wireless
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