Xbox live sub?

    Minee runs out in a couple of months.,

    Trying to avoid the £40 Charge for the year. Anyone know of any decent deals at the moment?


    Ebay for around £20

    I spent about an hour yesterday trying to find a good deal. The best I could get was Amazon at 32.99. Even EBAY was more expensive.

    i got a 360 3 months for sale if ya want >_

    Im just paying £5 a month direct debit, i know it sounds daft as its costing more in the long run but to bu really honest i dont notive at all £5 coming out my account.
    so its really like im recieving xbox live free (in a way) lol

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    I;ve seen a few deals for a 12 months sub for £20. But they are out of stock..

    And why pay more in the long run? seems a strange choice... lol

    dazbfc who would notice £5 coming out of their account once a month in this day and age lol.
    £5 is nothing to people, i could go into a pub and loose more in the bandit in one night than have a full month of xbox live lol

    I dont know its just the way i look at things :giggle:

    you get xbox starter kit from hmv for £30 or check toys r us.
    there was a post about buying a game from pc world and and geting it for less.
    use the search

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    Fancy sending me £5 a month then? lol

    Well it was worth ago......:giggle:

    £5 a month from where ???

    Just updated mine 12months for £14.97 purchased from currys, old xbox starter kit , work on xbox360 :roll: as long as you are incredit or use the free months subcriptions with a game.

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    Did you need to ask for it in currys?

    We went in and could see none on the shelf..


    £5 a month from where ???

    You do it through your Xbox 360, you go into account management its easy to do, you have to put in details and straight away you get access

    in my manual it says that you should on average be paying £3.33:)

    any1 got gears of war ?? im getting a wirless router den ill play you peoples


    in my manual it says that you should on average be paying £3.33:)

    No they do three different amounts

    Monthly payments = £4.99
    3 month payments ?
    1 year sub. ?


    in my manual it says that you should on average be paying £3.33:)

    1 years sub = £40

    so it works out £3.33 a month. :thumbsup:

    ah thanks shaz. now i see what you mean.
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