xbox live subscription

    how much is the xbox live subscription?
    I am worried about signing up as it doesn't say!



    £75 per month

    if you do it through the dashboard its between £40 and £50, cant remember exact amount, but you can pick up a 12 month code from sainsburys i think currently for £29.99


    £75 per month

    Isn't that without VAT?…1-1

    £29.97 price found for a 2 second search on google

    it almost certainly will say. if your signing up through the xbox dashboard don't, unless theres a tab offering you a deal. recent offers include 3 months for £6 and 12 months for £24.
    If your extremely unlucky and havn't been offered a deal via the dashboard then buy a pre paid card for around £30. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to tell you where the cheapest place to get one will be.
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