XBox Live Trial Code - do they really expire?

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Found 25th Jul 2010
I bought some secondhand XBox games and one of them has a 2 month trial code for xbox live.

It hasn't been scratched off, so would it still work, depsite the date having long past?

Before you ask - i don't use it myself (bb speed too slow), so am not going to try!


They won't work if you are on about the original xbox orange and black ones. I have 4 of them from my xbox purchases from a few years ago and I tried one recently even though they said on card expires 31/03/04 I just wanted to see if they really did expire. Typical M$ rally you buy something you don't get chance to use it until you do and then it don't work.

xbox 360 dont do 2 month codes so im guessing xbox original..

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Cheers for the info! Oh well!
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