- Xbox Live Trial Codes - Could i have one?

    Hey, havent posted much around these forums but was hoping someone had in there heart to let me have a trial code..

    Son just got xbox live and we were told you would get a month free, but we didnt, i guess thats what you get for buying a second hand console. lol

    Would much appreciate it if someone has a trial code for however long so he can get a taster of what it is like.

    Much Rep! to whoever can give



    dont you get a free month when you make a new xbox live account, im not entirely sure though as im a PS3 man free online ftw :P

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    yh we tried that made a account didnt work.. then followed a youtube video on how to do it and it still didnt work

    none of it worked


    hmm i do vaguely remember soemthing about only the first 3 accounts get the free month on each console, so maybe your previous user already used it up...

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    anyone please?

    Is this for an xbox or xbox 360 ? . For xbox 360 You need to make an account , then decline their offer of gold membership to which they will then say you qualify for a free 1 month trial . I have heard you are allowed upto 3or more accounts on each 360

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    Why is this expired?

    I know but we bought the 360 second hand and it doesnt work..

    Anyone please?
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